Current Special Offers

National Massage Day (1st October) marks the start of Pro-Touch Awareness Month.  A time for Therapists to raise awareness of the benefits of Massage, hands on therapies and ultimately the importance of human touch.

Recharge, rebalance, ease tension and promote a sense of calm with Massage Therapy.

Make October the month you stop letting life get in the way and your wellness fall by the wayside.

-  Therapeutic Massage with Targeted De-Stress Power Reflexology (70 mins / £57)

-  Relaxing Back and Foot Massage with Calming Lavender Essential Oil (50 mins / £45)

-  Soothing Scalp, Face and Neck Massage (including free mini consultation) (30 mins / £22)

Carve out time for you this Autumn so you can be you again!

Limited to 6 Appointments (available until 5th November subject to availability)

Additional £5.00 charge for new client’s initial consultation (excluding the 30 min treatment)