I’ve Never Tried Aromatherapy Massage – What Can I Expect?

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In today’s society life is fast and let’s face it stressful.  We are juggling various commitments and a multitude of challenges are thrown at us on a daily basis.  All of which can have a profound effect on our physical, emotional and mental health. 

Therefore it is essential that we recognise this before we burnout.  There are many ways we can focus on our well-being and look after ourselves one of them being Aromatherapy.  This holistic therapy was recently highlighted in the 2018 Federation of Holistic Therapists’ Member Survey as one of the top three therapies demanded by clients and is one of my most popular treatments.

This week is Aromatherapy Awareness Week.  For those of you yet to experience this wonderful therapy here’s a brief introduction and outline of what to expect when you visit Sarah Gordon Holistic Therapy for an Aromatherapy Massage.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an age old treatment known to many of the earliest civilisations.  It combines the medicinal properties of essential oils with the healing art of massage.  The oils are pure essences from nature extracted from roots, barks, stalks, leaves, flowers and fruit, each with their own healing potential.

During a massage the essential oils enter your body through absorption and inhalation.  They then travel to the various organs and systems to trigger the healing process working on emotional and physical levels.  The various oils have many healing properties and are used to help alleviate a variety of conditions.  Aromatherapy Massage is a wonderful treatment to help ease the feelings of stress, relieve tension, boost energy levels and aid sleep.

As a regular treatment, this soothing and nourishing therapy helps to keep the body relaxed, balanced and in harmony – which is the first step to good health!

Getting to Know You

You will complete a health and lifestyle form at your first session.  This helps me ascertain if the treatment is safe and appropriate to perform as contra-indications may exist.  In some instances you may need to speak to your GP before I can provide a treatment.  The consultation gives me an insight into areas I need to focus on, what you are hoping to get from the treatment and which oils would be the most beneficial.  I explain the treatment to you so you are comfortable with how the session will progress and answer any of your questions.

Time to Relax!

Many of my clients say they start to unwind as soon as they enter my therapy room, with the candles burning, aroma from the essential oils and hearing the soothing music playing.  This is now your time to unwind and switch off from whatever is happening in your life.

Your treatment begins with some deep breathing guided by myself.  This starts the process of melting away the stress and tension your mind and body hold.  I continue working on your scalp, face, neck and shoulders before moving to other areas of your body.

Following the Treatment

When the massage ends I leave you to get ready in your own time to dress and have some water.  We then discuss your treatment and I provide home-care advice and a treatment plan.

How will I feel?

Calmer and more relaxed than when you arrived!  In some instances you may be feeling more energised, this can also depend on the oils I have chosen for you. 

You may experience what is known as a “healing crisis” when any presenting symptoms may get worse for a period of time.  You could feel tired, suffer with a headache or lethargy and feel emotional or irritable.  All of these reactions are part of the healing process as your body releases waste products and rebalances and will pass within 24 hours.  You may not experience this at all.  Everybody is different and so reactions to treatments vary.

So what are you waiting for book yourself in and let your thoughts drift away and your body rebalance and recharge – you’ll wonder why you waited so long!